Thursday, August 18, 2011

Battlefield 3 Info

So, I'm really excited about battlefield 3. And today while looking through my G4 app, I saw glorious new information. They released information about what guns, maps, and vehicles are going to be in the game.
So here is what my predicted favorite load out will be.

Primary Weapon: G36C I am so glad they added this weapon.

Secondary Weapon:  M1911  This had always and probably will always be my favorite pistol

Favorite Vehicle: AH-6J Littlebird I love scout choppers and this one is probably my favorite.

Check out the weapons list here and the vehicle list here.

What do you think. Do you have a preferred class, weapon, or vehicle.


  1. WTF why is there no commander? I really hope this is going to live up to the standard set by BF2. I made it to Colnel in that gane.

  2. man i own a g36c and i love it, such a great accurate gun! great choice brother!

  3. awesome! 0_0 i want this game so bad!!

  4. @tgquagmire I am so jealous I do not think I would ever spend that much on a gun though

    @jackson.k ya me too got it pre-ordered and waiting for the beta to start

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  6. Hope the players that cant fly the helicopters stay out of them.

  7. This is a good loadout but I think I'd take the tank over a chopper. I suck at flying.

  8. I love the little bird helicopter! For something that looks so none threatening it can pack a lethal punch!